Copy Successful Traders' Positions with One Click!
Alien Broker, Automatically Tracks 
Your Position Status for You 24/7
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What is this?

Alien Broker is a Fund Management System special for cryptocurrency users. You can copy the positions of successful traders with a single click and trade 24/7 your cryptocurrency automatically.

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How can I use?

Trader creates a trade position
in the system

Users examine
all traders and profitability rates
from the trader list

Users choose the desired trader from the list and subscribers to his trade positions

Users 24/7 copy automatically the position that traders open


For Users

  • Get your funds trading 24/7 on you exchange account
  • A fair payment model with subscription fees that vary by fund size
  • You can copy the positions of more than one trader, divide your capital into more than one trader and operate it
  • Earn 10% per user you invite with a unique reference code
  • Browse and choose easily your past positions and profit rate
Referral Fee

320 $

Open Positions


Referral Fee

117 $

Open Positions





For Traders

  • Benefit from up to 70% subscription fee sharing
  • Your technical analysis knowledge has an financial value
  • Earn 10% per user you invite with a unique reference code
  • Earn from the capital of your audience

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